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Ensuring a Smooth Relocation to Israel

Ensuring a Smooth Relocation to Israel

Israel is a vibrant commercial centre with a mix of Israeli-owned ventures and local offices from around the globe.

Many international offices decide to relocate staff to Israel in order for them to take control of key activities, lend their experience to newer teams or simply to learn how the Israeli branch manages particular functions.

Relocation to Israel – Planning and Paperwork

Relocation to Israel requires a certain amount of planning and paperwork, but as long as the required processes are completed and adequate time is allocated, then it is a relatively straightforward task.

Moving to Israel, as with any international move, needs careful forethought and planning in order to ensure the ease of transition. Some of the areas companies need to consider are:

Finding out about the tax situation from both employer and employee perspectives,
Ensuring visas are applied for in good time and staff arrive with valid paperwork,
Considering the Hebrew language needs and available training opportunities for staff moving to Israel,
Considering apartment rental or property management in Israel,
Organizing a company car or private car hire,
Advice on local medical insurance and services,
Information on local banking,
Depending on the length of contract staff may need to find out about the shipping of personal goods.

Working in Israel

The most important administrative process to perform is the application for a visa, which acts as a work permit in Israel. A foreign national working in Israel needs to be awarded a B-1 visa and there is a four step process to follow to obtain one.
Apply for an Israeli work permit at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
Complete an Israeli visa application with the Ministry of Interior.
Steps 1 and 2 will result in the issue of a short term B-1 visa from the local Israeli consul which can be used to enter Israel.
Once in Israel you need to visit the Ministry of Interior to arrange for the extension of the B-1 visa. This will result in a multiple entry visa for the stated length of the work contract in Israel.

Living in Israel

The lifestyle in Israel appeals to many Westerners. It is a friendly, welcoming society and has the added benefit of many Israelis speaking a good standard of English.

Although there are obviously exceptions, most international companies tend to be based in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Haifa. These are Israel’s three biggest cities and have a wealth of housing options, great shopping facilities and good social opportunities.

Most people relocating to Israel from abroad report back that they have a good standard of living and have integrated well with work colleagues.

Israeli companies have their own culture and are often run in a very different style to European or American organizations. This though, is part of the reason that work relocation to Israel is so valuable and most staff return home with a fresh approach and a profusion of ideas.